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Jacob Trivette

Jacob is a proud United States Air Force veteran and entrepreneur from Union Grove, a small town in North Carolina. Growing up in a rural community in North Iredell County, he learned the value of hard work and self-sufficiency at an early age. After completing his service in the Air Force, Jacob returned to North Carolina, where he inherited a small herd of goats.

With a passion for farming and sustainability, Jacob started Carolina Goatscaping, utilizing his goats to provide environmentally friendly land management solutions for landowners, homeowners, and businesses in the surrounding area. His goats quickly gained popularity as they efficiently cleared unwanted vegetation and provided natural fertilizer, all while entertaining onlookers with their playful antics.

Through his business, Jacob not only helps to maintain the beauty of the land but also promotes the importance of sustainable farming practices. His passion for the environment and desire to give back to his community have made him a beloved figure in Union Grove, and his business continues to thrive with the help of his loyal customers and the hard work of his trusty goat companions.